Our Team

CEO & Co-Founder

Echo Wang

Echo Wang is a Canadian entrepreneur and co-founder of Cool Travel Vibes.

With a dynamic blend of traditional yoga practices, travel, and meditation, she is dedicated to helping her audience find peace of mind and happiness in today’s chaotic world.

Join her in exploring a journey of self-awareness, resilience, and leadership through travel and yoga.

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Chief Editor

Bianca Versoza

Bianca is an avid traveler who loves exploring the country (Philippines) with her family and the rest of the world with her friends. If there’s some sort of concert or special event going on, she’s there! She’s also a certified foodie—the one expense that she, admittedly, can never ever save up on when she’s in a foreign destination. Her biggest regrets often stem from how there’s never enough time to explore the places she visits.

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Senior Writer | Philippines Desk

Marijim Dy Timkang

Marijim is a local with relatives scattered all over the Philippines, so travel is inevitable for her. Her mom is from Siargao Island, which is known for its world-renowned surf breaks, and her dad hails from the bustling city of Cebu.

She has traveled to provinces in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Nonetheless, she still has a lot of places to explore in the Philippines and she’s excited to share her experiences and discoveries with you.

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