Best Time To Visit Switzerland

The best time to visit Switzerland depends on what you want to see and do. The summertime is ideal for hiking, while skiers will want to stay in the winter. Spring and fall are the perfect times to plan a trip if you want to avoid the crowds.


Written by Echo Wang | Edited by Bianca Versoza

The best time to visit Switzerland depends entirely on what you want to see and do. The summertime is ideal for hiking, while skiers will want to visit in the winter. Spring and fall are the perfect times to plan a trip if you want to avoid the crowds.

Want to learn more about what Switzerland has to offer visitors throughout the year? Keep reading to find out when is the best time for you to visit this beautiful country.

Best Times to Visit Switzerland Throughout The Year

There’s not a wrong time to visit Switzerland, but some seasons may suit you better. Here’s what you can expect from spring through winter.

Switzerland in the Spring

Dates: March 21 – June 20
Months: March, April, and May

If crowds aren’t your thing, spring is the perfect time to book your flight and accommodations. Spring is the official off-season, so prices on travel and hotels are lower. It helps offset the other high costs associated with a Swiss vacation.

It’s important to note that March and April are still chilly, and it’s not uncommon for nighttime temperatures to drop below freezing. Ski resorts in the lower regions are closed, but the Alps are still covered in snow. Some of the ski lifts still operate in the higher areas, but most are closed for the season by April and reopen for hikers in May.

By May, the spring flowers are starting to bloom. Temperatures are also beginning to warm up. If you’re there on May 1st, you can take a trip to Gruyeres for the annual Cheese Festival.

Luzern, Switzerland

Switzerland in the Summer

Dates: June 21 – September 20
Months: June, July, and August

The summer months are one of the country’s peak tourist seasons. You will find crowds at all of the popular attractions, but you get the benefit of enjoying the Montreux Jazz Festival, which is held in the summer.

Hotel and airfare pricing increase during the summer, so be prepared for higher costs.
Lakes and hiking trails are open throughout Switzerland in the summer. The cable cars are also up and running after their post-winter maintenance.

You can avoid some of the crowds by going in the morning or late afternoon. Weekends are the busiest since the Swiss are also off work and enjoying the warm weather.

August weather is still warm, though the temperatures are starting to fall a few degrees. It may be a little chilly for swimming in Lake Lucerne, but the weather is excellent for bike riding.

August 1st is also the Swiss National Holiday. You’ll find celebrations filled with fireworks and bonfires across the country.

Bern (UNESCO Heritage), the capital of Switzerland

Switzerland in the Fall

Dates: September 21 – December 20
Months: September, October, and November

The fall is the best time to visit Switzerland if you like cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and lower hotel rates. Airfare is also cheaper from September to November.

The days are a little shorter in the fall, but you still have plenty of daylight to take in the sights. Lifts are open to hikers, but by October they start to shut down as the mountain snowfall starts.

Wine lovers will enjoy the Basel Wine Fair at the end of October, right before daylight savings time starts.

November in Switzerland is wet and chilly, but there are over 500 museums to visit and plenty of other indoor activities. November is also a great time to visit Switzerland when you’re on a tight budget. Prices are at their lowest, right before the winter ski season starts.

Wooden pier on autumn lake Sils

Switzerland in the Winter

Dates: December 21 – March 20
Months: December, January, and February

December weather is cold and rainy, without a lot of sunshine. But it’s also when the ski season starts, and prices skyrocket in the mountains. This is the perfect time for winter sports lovers to visit with everything from skiing to snowboarding open in the mountains.

The southern part of the country doesn’t always see snow for Christmas, but there are plenty of festivals and Christmas markets to keep you in the holiday spirit.

January is the official snow season, and the slopes are packed with skiers. You can get away from the crowds and freezing temperatures by staying in the country’s lower regions. It’s only a couple of degrees warmer, but you’re also close to the Swiss Riviera and Ticino.

Grindelwald, Switzerland at night

When Is the Best Time to Visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland depends on you. Do you want to spend your holiday on the ski slopes or hike in warmer temperatures?

You also want to consider the cost of the trip. Seasons like summer and winter are more expensive than spring and fall.

Whenever you decide to visit Switzerland, you won’t be disappointed in what the country has to offer visitors.